Fresh Choices

Choice Dining

At The Atwater, we advocate choice, quality, variety and healthy options. Our neighborhood Country Kitchen is designed to be the "heart of the home," where we accommodate individual needs in a family setting. Our Country Kitchen offers a space that is functional, yet at the same time, comfortable and encourages engagement and appetite. Our new Country Kitchen features:

So Many Choices

Table-side selection for three meals a day with a variety of menu choices, including vegetarian and healthy options, to promote resident choice

Personalized Approach

Open dining with food available all day, offering a personalized approach to dining

Attractive & Comfortable

Attractive square tables with comfortable, padded dining chairs to help define dementia resident space

Reminiscent of Home

A home-like, traditional style design that is comforting, functional and safe

Resident Participation

Designed to promote residents’ engagement, activity and independence by assisting with ingredient

preparation or creating delicious baked treats

Flexible Hours

Food is available at all hours – from a mid-morning treat to a midnight snack. One resident often gets up in the night and a favorite food prepared by the Care Partner in the Country Kitchen satisfies him and helps him get back to sleep. (A variety of delicious, healthy options always satisfies!)