Supportive Lifestyle

Life at The Atwater

We know familiarity means everything to a person with memory challenges. Routine comforts and familiar joys reassure and help make each day a good day. We accomplish this familiarity and comfort with our team of Care Partners who are specially educated in the best practices for caring for those with memory care needs. While our Care Partners help residents with the activities of daily living, they also encourage residents to participate in the activities . . . like preparing breakfast together or making the bed together . . . just like at home. The same Care Partner may also take the resident out for a walk, or spend time doing laundry with him or her, to keep the resident engaged and active.

The result: less confusion, more genuine bonding and sharing and a more family-style neighborhood feeling.

Life at The Atwater Includes:

  • A small, intimate neighborhood where residents bond, share and enjoy a family feeling
  • Specially educated Care Partners who genuinely care for the residents they serve
  • Program Director with extensive experience to ensure residents enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle
  • Personalized care plan for each resident

Our Lifestyle . . . Familiar, Comfortable, Active

At The Atwater, we create days that honor the celebrated moments in our residents’ lives. From their hidden passion for playing music, to their favorite movie, to their favorite family recipes, we bring those life-enriching factors into their daily life. We engage residents with meaningful, personalized programs and reminisce with photographs, music, gardening or baking to create those warm, cherished feelings. Our lifestyle includes:

  • The routine comforts and familiar joys that reassure and help make each day a good day
  • Residents’ individual preferences are as important as hands-on care
  • Meaningful, personalized programs that recognize residents’ passions
  • Participation in daily routines of neighborhood life
  • Comfortable Country Kitchen and family-style dining encourages engagement and healthy eating
  • Active family participation

Family-Focused Memory Care

At The Atwater, families continue to play a key role in the happiness of their loved ones. At all times, the expectations and emotions of families are considered. Among the features families will enjoy:

  • Family support groups
  • Plenty of comfortable spaces for family time
  • Private family dining
  • Most of all, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is safe, well cared for … and loved.