Memory Care Volunteer Program

The Memory Care Volunteer Program is a unique opportunity for the Farmington Valley community. McLean works closely with the Alzheimer’s Association and has learned that there is no model for this program; yet the need is significant. McLean Memory Care Volunteers provide non-medical services as needed for both the clients and their families.

The broad range of services our volunteers provide includes one-to-one social interaction, writing life histories, reading aloud, music therapy, sensory activities and other interventions that enhance quality of life by reducing anxiety.

Our volunteer program also offers support and respite for caregivers. Residents may be served in their homes, in our assisted living community or in our healthcare center.

Eight hours of orientation and training are required. We also offer a mentoring program so new volunteers may gain a practical understanding of the work. Our program also requires volunteers to participate in valuable monthly in-service training on timely topics. Visits with clients may vary based upon their needs and volunteer availability.